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December Update: Links to Consider

I’ve been working full time at a local high school, and have struggled to find the time and energy to keep posting on a regular basis.

That said, there’s a recent Life Well Spent post at Voices in Canadian Education, and the Canadian Education Association is running a series on innovation in education, to which LWS will contribute a piece this week.

I’ve started to look forward to the holiday break, a time to recharge and catch up with family and the tv series I’ve missed through the year. Quite likely I’ll get up to more active use of my days as well, but the intention is to keep it unplanned and see what comes.

I’m also looking forward to the proceeds of a recharged battery, which in part will include contributions to this web site. Some of the stories I’m hoping to share include a grade 12 class develop projects of their own design (you can check out my own efforts to play 3 hours of basketball, which served as a model for students to consider), the connection between the principles of finance and the practice of student-designed learning spaces, and the details of a framework any teacher can use to foster student-directed learning in their classroom.

Your time on this site is much appreciated, and please consider checking back on a periodic basis. Thanks.

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