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Arrange a House Visit

If you want to learn more about the value and workings of autonomy, you can host or attend a House Talk. Moms and sometimes Dads gather to talk with me about subjects related to their adolescent sons.


21 Fires

Unique gatherings in parks around Toronto that celebrate the beginning and end of seasons with campfires, treats and stories. There is no charge to participate, and all comers are welcome.


Past Events

February 2014: TedX YMCA Academy; Power in the Classroom

August 2013: The Homeschool Conference, online; Enterprising Students in Institutional Contexts

July 2013: The Moth StorySLAM, Chicago; Lost

July 2013: Raconteurs Storytelling; For Love of Risk Management

May 2013: An Inspiring Evening with Life Coaches; NPI Coaches Association

Mar 2013: MaRS Future Leaders: Asset Mapping Workshop for Enterprising Teens

Mar 2013 Mary Ward CSS Business Day: School initiative to help students become more enterprising.

Feb 2013 Pecha Kucha Toronto; 21 Fires, Learning to Manage Health and Well-Being with use of Unexpected Touchstones

Nov 2012 Financial Literacy Month; You Don’t Need Deep Pockets To Be Wealthy

Oct 2012 Canadian Coalition of Self-Directed Learning; Getting Students Invested in Their Learning

July 2012 Kennisland Social Safari, Amsterdam NL

Apr 2012 Turning Tides in 21st Century Education; Autonomous Learning in the Conventional Classroom

Jan 2012 Waterlution Community Hub; Managing Personal Resources

Nov 2011 Arts, Science and the Brain; Holistic Approaches to Financial Education

Oct 2011 Design with Dialogue; Designing a ‘Whealthy’ Life

Autumn 2009, 2010 Healthy Money Workshop Series