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Exam Week Reflections

At the moment, I am supervising a group of thirty high school seniors as they write a final exam. Their desks are covered in Scantron sheets, scratched notes and eraser shavings. All of us are looking forward to being through with the semester and on to more meaningful use of our time.

For my part, I am looking forward to returning my attention to posting here at Life Well Spent. It has been a long year in the trenches of high school classrooms, and while life on the front lines is draining, I am taking a lot of learning away with me.

I look forward to sharing stories of students taking ownership for their learning, details of projects set for the year ahead, and profiling students walking out of school and on to success of their own creation.

Here’s hoping that those of us emerging from another year in the institution will find the space to reconnect with our human spirit. My hope is to use the summer to honour passions that touch my soul and find the energy to move forward with initiatives that hold meaning to me and my community.

Thanks to Free Your Mind and Think, as well as Charles Tsai, for the image.

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