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Hello and Welcome!

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to the Eric Rosenberg Development Studio. It has taken all my life and more to birth the Development Studio, and now that it’s here, like any gushing parent, I’m keen to talk all about us.

That said, I’ll keep it high level.

At the studio, we create content, commentary and community.

The content we create is for other companies, companies like The Cutting Veg. We record and produce the FarmTalk podcast, and are eager to do more of this work.

The commentary we create is along the lines of our own podcast, called Life Well Spent, which also happens to be the Studio motto. Other commentary is a mix of writings, musings, and notions in various forms that some people refer to as Eric’s School of Thought.

The community we create is through events we host, like 21 Fires, and through projects like the Human Portfolio Project, which enables people to build lives that serve them. Tutoring and coaching is a part of that project, as well.

We value education, and believe that the best learning comes with experience.

I’m a guy with notions about life, notions that with every moment, we are making choices that shape our world. Our investments of energy and relationships, the initiatives we adopt and the experiences we have, all contribute to our own Human Portfolio.

This is how I see life. And I take what I see and turn it into things you can read, listen to, and use to build your own Human Portfolio.


It is my sincere hope that you will feel welcome at the Eric Rosenberg Development Studio and join me in a conversation about realising a Life Well Spent.

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