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Projects to Consider: Write a Letter

One of my girlfriend’s favorite memories is to recount the morning she went out to her bike and found a love letter attached to the handlebars. It was in the time before we were dating, and someone had recently broken up with her (the fool!). The airmail envelope was attached by a piece of twine. Inside was a piece of Japanese paper with a poem about the summer, and flip flops left under a table. She thought it was one of three things: 1) a secret admirer 2) it had been accidentally left on the wrong bike 3) a random act of kindness.

Years later, she learned it was the effort of Lindsey Zier Vogel, the lady behind the Love Lettering Project. The premise of Zier Vogel’s project is to help Torontonians connect with each other by sharing the things we love about the city, by passing a personal note that offers an intimate message. LZV used to write all the letters herself, but now she goes to festivals and has the people she meets there write the letters, which she later delivers around the city. In recent months, the project has received some press. I like how it makes clear the pleasure in receiving a letter.

I myself am an occasional letter writer. A few years ago, my roommate was working on a movie set, and they had nothing to do with the electric Eaton’s typewriter once the shoot was through. I asked to hold on to it, and from time to time, I’ll sit down and type a note to a friend. From what I’ve heard, it’s an unexpected thing to receive; the mail is usually filled with bills and flyers and the rest, and a note, especially one that’s typed, is an easy way to bring a smile to the face of someone you like.

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