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Reasons to Go Outside: Farmers’ Markets

Farmers Markets are a terrific place to go and pass the time. Whether it’s sampling new vegetables, talking to the people who grow them, or finding a seat to watch the world go by, a visit to the market is Life Well Spent. And there are so many happening in the GTA that it’s relatively easy to find one in your neighbourhood.

Farmers Markets

Sometimes I’ll challenge myself to buy something I’ve never cooked before. That gives me a bit of a mission during my trip to market, and forces me out of my comfort zone, to have to ask questions of the farmers. Last year at this time I bought a stock of brussel sprouts, which I had in fact eaten before, but from the plant, it looked so different than the food I had known. It was intimidating just to carry it around with me.

Brussel Sprouts

I managed to get it home, and found some simple recipes on the internet. I cut the sprouts from the stock, gave them a quick rinse, and mixed them in oil, salt and pepper, before baking in the oven for 25 minutes. I thought they were pretty delicious, and more than that, I like the feeling of being able to feed myself with fresh, healthy foods.

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