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12 Seasons

The traditional calendar celebrates the seasons on the 21st day of March, June, September, and December. But it’s not like one day it’s Spring, and the next day Summer. Seasons happen in transition. It’s the subtle characteristics of marginal seasons that’s lost in conventional understanding. For instance, people often claim to hold autumn as their favourite season, citing the lovely colours. I too find the colours lovely, but I believe that autumn gets credit for summer’s contribution. Consider that late September and October still have elements of the lingering summer on her way out, and the blast of colour is her last goodbye before setting off on another cycle. To know the true character of autumn is to think of a grey, gloomy Tuesday in early November. For me, it’s proved useful to recognise the seasonal cycle and the transitions within, as well as the distinguishing characteristics of the particular seasons; Winter, ‘Dead’, characterized by stillness, isolation. Spring, ‘Birth’, characterized by movement, thrashing. Summer, ‘Live’, characterized by fullness, thriving. Autumn, ‘Death’, characterized by slowness, loss.

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