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Classroom Experiments #2

I handed out a 12-day schedule, with three items for each class. One topic, one question, and resources for further investigation.   My classes use Portfolios, and target students to produce one artefact per class, about twelve classes per unit. … Continue reading

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Students decide what happens in their Classroom

Here’s a terrific video that describes what it can look like when students take ownership for what happens in their classrooms. and a Ted Talk that tells the story of rural students using design process to use the community as … Continue reading

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The Value of I Don’t Knows

Last week, I read about an experiment that paired young students with educational robots. The research concluded that these children learned best with robots that made mistakes relative to those robots that gave the right answers. While it’s no news to say … Continue reading

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A Voice in Canadian Education

I connected with Stephen Hurley through an ArtsSmarts conference earlier this year, and he’s become a beacon of hope for me as I try to develop myself as an enterprising educator. In particular, Stephen has recently started an online project … Continue reading

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Measuring Classroom Enterprise

Fast Company is running a series on change in education. This particular post cites the need for teachers to both foster enterprising students, and track student achievement. In my way, I feel like my classroom practice is an in-progress attempt to … Continue reading

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Value Investing for Kids

Noted Value Investor Warren Buffet has put his name to a tv show and education series aimed at building financial skills in American youth. Check the news here. Thanks to James Milward for the link.

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Khan Academy is On-Demand Learning

Sal Khan makes a case for self directed learning in this clip through GOOD Education. His straight-forward story makes clear the value of putting students in the driver’s seat of their own learning experiences.

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Innovation in Education: A Foundation Report

Here’s a link to a report on Optimizing Financial Support for Innovation in Education. In part, I’m posting this because I’d really like to read this report and am not quite sure when I’ll get the time. If you’ve got … Continue reading

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Hello and Welcome!

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to the Eric Rosenberg Development Studio. It has taken all my life and more to birth the Development Studio, and now that it’s here, like any gushing parent, I’m keen to talk … Continue reading

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