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The Value of I Don’t Knows

Last week, I read about an experiment that paired young students with educational robots. The research concluded that these children learned best with robots that made mistakes relative to those robots that gave the right answers. While it’s no news to say … Continue reading

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Worth Watching: Godin on the Scamming of Schools

In this video, best-selling author and marketing guru Seth Godin describes the implications of factory-style education. He says that schools are designed to do two things well: 1. Train people for compliance and 2. Entrench consumer values. “Schools churn out … Continue reading

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12 Seasons

The traditional calendar celebrates the seasons on the 21st day of March, June, September, and December. But it’s not like one day it’s Spring, and the next day Summer. Seasons happen in transition. It’s the subtle characteristics of marginal seasons … Continue reading

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I Want the Kind that Used to be the Only Kind

Barry Schwartz explains why more choice results in 1) analysis paralysis, and 2) more opportunity for buyer’s remorse. Also he’s pretty funny in his delivery.

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New York Times: Pictures & Sounds

I really enjoyed this 3 minute photo and audio story of New York City Steelworkers. I have hope that in time I can share similar sorts of stories, told in my own particular way.  

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